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Child Protection Services

Founded in 2004 The WA Child Protection Society (WACPS) is one of Western Australia’s leading agencies advocating and responding to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and domestic violence.

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Family Violence is one of the nation’s leading criminal justice, health and wellbeing issues. It occurs across all ages, all demographics and all socioeconomic groups, but predominantly affects women and children.

Ignorance of Domestic Violence has been one of the principal factors inhibiting its prevention and prolonging the suffering and distress of its many victims. The underlying aim of WACPS is to prevent child abuse and domestic violence before it starts.

Where prevention is not possible, it is about developing best practice models and strengthening capacity within organisations that support those who suffer.

Child Protection Workshops

Doing our best to ensure children and young people are safe from harm is everyone’s responsibility – and this will never change.

Children and young people rely on the adults entrusted with their care to protect, educate and empower them to be safe from any form of abuse or harm. Whilst it will always remain the responsibility of adults to keep children and young people safe, children and young people can play a part in their own safety.

To help your organisation develop a best practice model designed to improve the safety of children and young people in your care and to help strengthen your capacity to create and maintain a child safe environment into the future, The WA Child Protection Society provides a range of flexible and tailored training services facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of experts.

We have also developed important training opportunities and information for parents, carers and families.

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