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What We Teach

Protective Behaviours Program

Empowering Children and Young People

Until the age of 18, adults are responsible for the personal safety of children. By providing the information and education on personal safety to children in our programs, it is hoped that we can help children to understand and appreciate safe, healthy and respectful relationships with their peers and the adults around them. Although our workshop aims and audience vary, all of our child protection workshops and programs are based on the internationally acclaimed Protective Behaviours Personal Safety Program.

We do this

by teaching individuals to:

  • Recognise when they are feeling unsafe
  • Tell a trusted adult when they don't feel safe
  • Understand what are age appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviours
  • Understand they always have the right to say ‘NO’ even to adults.
  • Develop a personal safety network
  • Increase their confidence and ability to make informed decisions

All children

and young people have a right to:

  • Be listened to
  • Be treated with respect and to be protected from harm
  • Feel and be safe when they do things with adults and other children and young people
  • Understand as early as possible what is meant by feeling and being safe
  • Receive the support of counsellors or other adults in their community or at school
  • Understand age appropriate laws relating to sex, relationships and violence

The Program

Our education and training programs are based largely on the Protective Behaviours Program which is  based on two main themes.


We all have the right to feel safe at all times.


Nothing is so awful you can’t talk to someone you trust about it.

These themes are then expanded through the use of the safety layering system that includes teaching:

  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Early Warning Signs (fight, flight, freeze, or fawn)
  • Networks
  • Secrets
  • It’s OK to say NO
  • Private Parts of your Body
  • Social Distance Matrixing
  • Problem Solving
  • Consent, Coercion & the Law
  • Respectful Relationships

For Young People the following additional layers are provided:

  • The Problem with Pornography
  • Domestic Violence and Dating Abuse
  • Power and Control in Relationships
    Sexts, Texts and Nudes
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