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Protective Behaviours Parent Workshops

Workshop Introduction

The WA Child Protection Society acknowledges that parents are the primary educators of their children and as such they play a vital role in developing personal skills and strategies that their children need to navigate safety in world that surrounds them.

Whilst adults are and will remain responsible for the safety of children and young people, it is important that we continue to educate children and young people about personal safety from the age of 4. The world they live in poses many challenges and unsafe situations that may threaten their safety and wellbeing.

This comprehensive training workshop has been designed to teach parents the content of the internationally acclaimed Protective Behaviours Child Safety Program to increase their children's personal safety.

Protective Behaviours is a personal safety program teaching empowerment, communication, self-esteem, resilience, social skills and other life skills for children.

Workshop Content



Protective Behaviours Parent Workshops

The purpose of this workshop is to provide parents and carers with a sound knowledge of the content, themes, concepts and strategies of the Protective Behaviours Program. It also aims to increase your knowledge and skills to help your child identify unsafe situations and arm them with the tools to seek appropriate assistance or protect themselves. The workshop will provide a parent handbook and a reference sheet of many child friendly story books and resources that parent and cares can use to support the learning provided in the handbook. This workshop will also incorporate important information for parents around the benefits of providing age appropriate sex education to their children and teens.


3 Hours



  • Defining child sexual abuse and the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Australia
  • Why are all children vulnerable and what are the risk factors
  • Understanding the Grooming Program and how parents can intervene
  • The content of the Protective Behaviours Program for parents and carers
  • Responding to a disclosure or suspicion of child sexual abuse



  • To provide parents and carers with an understanding of child sexual abuse
  • Provide specific personal safety skills and examples to use with children
  • Lessen anxiety as a parent about your children’s safety to allow them the freedom of movement they need to thrive as they grow older

This Workshop's


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Child Protection Workshops

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